The Booty Pro Reviews – Too Good to be True?

the booty pro The Booty Pro Reviews - Too Good to be True? The Booty Pro

The Booty Pro is a fitness tool that enables a core work out. This at-home personal fitness device strengthens the user’s core which in turn strengthens the entire body. A workout with The Booty Pro only takes a couple of minutes, making it easy to fit into any busy schedule. A workout with Booty Pro can also be done anywhere. A couple of minutes is all it takes to feel more strong and look amazing.

Total Cost Breakdown
The cost of The Booty Pro is $189.00 and the shipping is FREE!

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Booty / Core Workout
The Booty Pro is specially designed for a glutes and core workout, which focuses on the area around the lower back and in the front abdomen. The abdominal region supports many other muscles in the body and so a strong and solid abdomen is the first place to start working out.

Full Body Workout
There are additional parts that can be installed in order to develop a full body workout. There are resistance bands that can be used for workouts for the arms and legs.

Free Shipping
The company which offers The Booty Pro has a promotional offer on their website which is currently offering free shipping with purchase of the product.

Nutritional Guide
When ordering The Booty Pro online, the company will also send a nutrition guide. This accompanying tool to The Booty Pro is great for those looking to modify their eating habits and add to their fitness regime.

Instruction Video
The Booty Pro comes with a bonus gift of instructional videos that show an array of possible workouts that can be done.

Instructional Poster
The Booty Pro comes with an instructional poster that can be displayed. It shows possible workouts that can be done with the device.

Satisfaction Guarantee
This product offers a 30-day money back guarantee so if the user is not completely satisfied with their purchase they can get their money refunded.

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Fitness Anywhere
The Booty Pro is a portable fitness device which can be used in the comforts of the user’s own home or anywhere where the board can be put down. It can be used inside or outside. This product is portable so it can be taken in luggage when traveling and be used in hotel rooms.

Alleviate Back Issues
This product is doctor developed and biomechanically engineered to give the best workout without injury. It strengthens the muscles around the back to help alleviate lower back pressure.

Improves Posture
With the focus on the core, this product firms the muscles around the back in order to improve posture. It uses exact angles or resistance to increase the flow of oxygen and blood directly to the lower back which promotes a healthy back.

How it’s Different from Competitors
The Booty Pro is a simple yet effective system to target the core and strengthen the entire body. It is lightweight and easy to take out to use for a workout. Other at-home fitness devices can be big and cumbersome to store when not in use. Some only target certain muscles and require multiple devices for a total body workout. This tool is easy to use and an effective tool for the entire body so no need to use anything else.

How It Works
The Booty Pro is a mat that is placed on the floor with a few notches on specific places on the mat. There are varying resistance bands that hook onto these notices. The resistance bands are then connected to the body or used by the arms, hands, legs or feet in order to repeat certain workouts.

the booty pro The Booty Pro Reviews - Too Good to be True? the booty pro reivew

Wise Advice

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– Alternatives or the same items are always available and sometimes at lower prices.
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